The usage of botXcoin
The usage of botXcoin

There are 3 main utilities of botXcoin Tokens. These are all intertwined with the services provided by botXcoin, meaning that botXcoin serves as a critical part of the whole ecosystem:

1. Running Trading Robot Application (BOTX APP)

botXcoin Token can be used for using the trading robot application (BOTX APP). There is sharing profit partnership program will be applicabled in this function. Token holder will get 80% from the trading profit and the rest 20% will be contributed to company.

2. Loyalty program as reward for token holders or passive income (max 250 million botXcoin tokens)

botXcoin Token can be used in the loyalty program to get reward or passive income that providing in the website . This program will running until max 250 million botXcoin tokens used up. This program is able to be extended by company using the profit which raised from the development of the project.

3. Trading Token

botXcoin Token will be the main trading pair for all Tokens and cryptocurrencies on botXcoin exchange platform (BOTXPRO). Beside that the botXcoin Token also can be traded in the major cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future.