BotXcoin token is our cryptocurrency solution to a human limitation. Using cutting edge technologies and partnership program, botXcoin token enables to give passive income for the token holders in our loyalty

program. We treat every single botXcoin token holder more than our investor, but also as our partner. In our partnership program, botXcoin token holder can utilize our Trading Robot application named “BOTX App” that is able running in major cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world.


There are 4 methods of algorithm will be used in the Robot development :

1. Three pairing combination in one exchange.

Robot calculate and find the gap of 3 pairing (market) in one exchange. For example in Binance exchange :


Below is data from real market in November 1st, 2018 : BNB/BTC = 0.0015

ETH/BTC = 0.0330 BNB/ETH = 0.0440

Buy BTC with 100 BNB, will get (0.0015 x 100 ) = 0.15 BTC. Buy ETH with 0.15 BTC, will get (0.15 / 0.0330) = 4.545 ETH. Buy BNB with 4.545 ETH, will get (4.545 / 0.0440) = 103.18 BNB This transaction make profit 3.18 %.

Deduction of the transaction fee is 0.2% (transaction fee for BNB is 0.05%X2 and ETH/BTC is 0.1%)

So, net profit can be taken from this transaction is 2.98%.

If we look in the details, there is always a pricing gap between those three pairing at the same time. Robot will comparing it and if robot found a profitable gap (include transaction fee), then robot will execute the transaction and token holder will get profit. If the gap is too small or not profitable, Robot will not execute the transaction. By this method, there is no chance for loss. It is always profit. The Robot will running every 12 seconds for 24 hours a day. It is means while you sleep, the robot never sleep and still working for you. Token holder can make their own selection for these 3 pairing in major exchange. Token holder can switch the robot from one exchange to another exchange. So it is very flexible system. Token holder has their own freedom to choose in what exchange they want running this robot and for which cryptocurrencies pairing. In the future BOTXPRO (Our own exchange) will inform token holder at where the pairing and exchanges with the larger potential profit.

2. Pairing between two or more exchanges.

In this method, Robot will make comparison between the same pairing in 2 or more exchanges. The requirement for running this method is token holder must have balance in each pair in every exchange. By having balance in each pair and exchange, the robot can directly execute the transaction (if the comparison calculation show profit) without waiting for arbitration delay.

For example :

ETH/BTC in Binance  ETH/BTC in HOTBIT.

If there is a profitable gap between both exchange, then Robot will execute the transaction in both exchange, one buy and one sell. In this method, the token holder will get additional coin from that pairing, whether it is ETH or BTC.

This method always making profit whatever condition of market, bullish market or bearish market.


3. Pairing between two or more exchanges with arbitrage.

This method almost same with above method 2, but there is additional process; if balance asset is zero than Robot will execute the arbitrage process.

This method will not applicable for token holder, but it will use in our BOTX SERVER for getting profit to support the Loyalty program. (please see the Loyalty program in chapter Token Usage).

4. Bidding in BOTXPRO by comparing 20 top exchanges.

This is future methode which planned will be running in our own exchange BOTXPRO (Bot exchange Pro).

By this method, Robot will get the pricing data from top 20 exchanges and make bid price (with profit and fee) in BOTXPRO exchange. The result is robot guarantee the traders in BOTXPRO can get the competitive price in BOTXPRO compared with others exchange. This is how our Robot give a win-win solution for trader and BOTXPRO.

Base on the our survey data, many new exchanges has low volume transaction and not competitive price, but it is different with our BOTXPRO exchange that will be high volume transaction and competitive price because it has robot as the guard the market.